Life Is Really Funny And It's Awesome We Exist

by Tree & Ray

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a fading lifeburnt youth and a patchy pas de deux


released January 13, 2014

by Kirby Elmsly, Tylor Elmsly, David Leonardi and Liam Eaton. 2013.




Tree & Ray Brisbane, Australia

TREE & RAY are a band from Brisbane, Australia. ~

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Track Name: Air & Sugar
air & sugar

oh this season’s lacking everything you do
could you help me tell the truth?
when you get back could we float together in a blue hot air balloon?

i’ve changed 21 times since I was awake
so I am not afraid
if it’s meant to be it will be and everything will be okay

when you smile because you’re happy that we’re friends
(why would I want that feel to end)
that’s what I mean when I call you beautiful
(can’t see anything but your soul)

shards of spirit split into these separate shells
no joy in working for yourself
let your stresses vanish, give and give and give it is good for your health

sometimes these waves crash on my shore bringing the floods
but the air and sugar in my blood
remind me that it’s silence and death that everyone walks towards

at night time we light sparklers running on the hills down the point
stretching our cheeks showing our teeth and uttering sounds of joy

i feel like if this was meant to happen; sweet
(it should be much clearer to see)
all these loud love songs screwing up my brain
(don’t need all that desired gain)

i’m slightly stressing, pining, filled with urgent uncertainty
at night time walking, maybe I did not hear you properly
the flying bird reminds me that every life is special
just one of many, yeah, but perfect, soaring, ephemeral
Track Name: The Sun's Heat
the sun’s heat

we had our time, we drew a line beside the firelight
and we melted snow
the hills were bare, we waited scared but not quite alone
to see who might be right
you prayed for assistance while i listened for sounds
yet your eyes are making not want to be found

as starlit haze dissipates
we’re free to roam in the day and find our way home

the crooked path and gentle shafts of light through the trees
where are we now?
our faces aged, nobody came, we lived quite peacefully
natural harmonies

we’re never early nor late
we nap halfway through the day, the sun in our bones

don’t be attached though you’ve found her
real love is appreciation not things you possess
when she moves on i’ll still love her
real love is fluid and life is a perfect mess

this afternoon i could ache
and by the morning have shaken all that was sad

don’t be attached though you’ve found her
real love is appreciation not things you possess
when she moves on i’ll still love her
real love means saying goodbye
Track Name: Blue Rainbow
blue rainbow

good morning blue rainbow, smiling quiet from the sky
what could I do for you that would mean you and I
could be together for a while

I don’t know how to fly, not yet, I don’t think I will try
but there’s a place so high that we could reach in time
and be together for a while
help other creatures, laugh and cry

I gently fade away each moment of every day
the person that I was yesterday has now changed
the sun burnt my skin, so it flaked

a new layer beneath and pain is needed to reveal
your shining self so love it, try your best to feel
every axe wound in your tree
when you are free then you’ll be free

the love that I have for you makes me want to love everyone this way

endless seasons
endless shores
rhyme and reason
jobs and chores
fun and music
life and love
words confusing...
feelings of...

if the sun is above
and the ground is below
why do these feels exist?
what does it even matter?

your smile destroys and rebuilds
my entire universe
every second we exist
to me it doesn't matter if it matters
Track Name: Life Burnt
life burnt

falling asleep while waiting for oceans
to rise up and cover the lands
sailing on the waters of emotion
burnt by hopes of finding bigger plans

i don’t want to talk about things i’ve done
i just want to live now out in the sun